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PerksMe is a digital transformation of the rewards and the fringe benefits, which a corporate house provides to its employees in the form of vouchers, gift, or reward cards. The following components form the key pillars of PerksMe offerings namely: (a) PerksMe Online platform (b) Wallet as a Service (c) PerksMe Mobile application. PerksMe offers all these features to its Corporates free of charge.

PerksMe’s Online platform and Mobile App enables the Employees of the Corporate who has signed up with PerksMe, to search for products and services across categories such as Groceries, Travel, Electronics, On-Demand Cabs, Gifts, etc. Results will be showcased as list of Merchants who are essentially the E-Commerce Portals and Consumer Internet Apps.

Corporates can load perks for their employees individually or in bulk into the PerksMe wallet. Employees can also top up their PerksMe wallet. Employees can choose the products of their choice across categories and merchants and can pay using their PerksMe wallet. Employees also save perks while they spend with PerksMe online and offline partners in form of cash back or discounts whenever extended by the Merchants.

Board of Directors

Milind Shah

Managing Director
  •  Promoter of DMS group having stakes in multiple fields like Finance, Realty, Equity, Software Developments etc through different companies
  •  With over 25 years of experience in Finance, Strategy and Risk Management
  •  Responsible for managing and driving group's annual business performance
  •  Formulating long-term strategies and building relationship with clients, investors and other stakeholders.
  •  He is DMS's primary decision- and policy-maker, setting the tone for the company’s culture, values and ethics.

Suhas Gopinath

Non-Executive Director and Advisor
  •  Founder & Chairman of Globals
  •  Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum
  •  Active investor and mentor in early stage startups
  •  Former Member, ICT Advisory Board of the World Bank
  •  Mentor, Brand Accelerator

Ankita Parakh

Chief Executive Officer
  •  Promoter and Director at 7 Steps Consultores Pvt. Ltd., a consultancy firm.
  •  With over 8+ years techno-commercial experience in the field of Life Sciences, Analytical and Healthcare Industry.
  •  Significant expertise in Marketing, Sales Management, Business Management, Dealer Management, ROI Accountability and Strategic Planning.
  •  Facilitative and Collaborative style of management and have successfully implemented and managed in a multi-tasking matrix, with problem solving and analytical abilities.
  •   A keen and continual learner. She is developing expertise in Digital Marketing and Branding.



Corporates can redefine the rewards and recognitions for their employees and distribute the same, anytime all-the-time using PerksMe Platform. The corporate funds like R&R, bonus, incentives, food and travel allowance can be uploaded into the employee’s wallet. PerksMe provides a facility where customized messages can be sent to the employees as reasons for their wallet upload.

Corporate have the option to choose the preferred merchants from the list of merchants available on PerksMe platform

PerksMe provides a dash board for Corporates to see their total employees spent across categories for facilitating better planning of R&R programs. PerksMe also provides a feature of showing the overall savings by their employees by using the PerksMe platform.

Corporate Employees

Employees can log into PerksMe portal and see their wallet in terms of total spent and amount available in their wallet. Employees can also add funds on his/her own PerksMe Wallet using the conventional methods of money transfer like Credit, Debit cards or Net Banking.

Employees can shop to their choice using PerksMe platform. Employees can avail the preferential pricing extended by some of the merchants on PerksMe platform.

Employees can use the PerksMe’s Mobile App to search for products and services across categories such as Electronics, Apparels, Groceries, Travel, On-Demand Cabs, etc. The mobile App will also provide inputs to categories in their nearest vicinity from where employees can shop at their convenience.

Employees will fulfill the transaction by paying using PerksMe Wallet. Employees can send their wish-list on preferred products / merchants to PerksMe for on boarding the same for their use. Employees can carry out their recharges and bill payments using this PerksMe platform as well.


Benefits for online and offline merchants

PerksMe platform brings both offline and online merchants a closed community of Corporate users who are ready reckoners for the transactions on the merchants portal.

PerksMe mobile app navigates Corporate users to all nearby outlets of merchants based on category and this enables the merchants to get customers at minimal or zero acquisition cost.

Merchants have the option to extend preferential pricing to the PerksMe Corporate users which will ensure repeatability for the merchants.


Corporates FAQ

Registering with PerksMe is as simple as opening a public email account. Simply click on this url 1. https://perksme.com/CorporateRegister and fill in the details, accept the terms & conditions and immediately your company is on-boarded with PerksMe.

Registering and availing the services on PerksMe is completely free of cost.

PerksMe facilitates corporates to on board their users, load money into their wallets using Wallet-as-a-service(powered by Citrus) provided by PerksMe and Users being able to shop and Pay using their PerksMe money in their Wallet.
Corporate HR will load money to a nodal account(powered by Citrus) and in parallel send the excel sheet for bulk upload as an email. PerksMe will enable the upload into the Corporate users wallet and intimate the users with customized sms to their mobile numbers.
Yes. Once the employee details is uploaded to PerksMe, there will be an immediate PerksMe wallet(powered by Citrus) created with which he/she can spend with any Citrus merchants using the perks allocated by a corporate HR. The users can also top up his/her Wallet through netbanking.
Your employees will have an access to a wide range of both online & offline merchants across India.
No. PerksMe provides wallet-as-a-service(powered by Citrus).
No. The perks credited to an employee account are valid until the employee is with the organization.
No. PerksMe provides a platform for the corporate user to use his wallet for purchase across various merchants and also carry out online recharge.
No. This is covered in the online agreement accepted by Corporates while signing up on PerksMe platform.
Yes. You can but it has to be linked with alternate mobile number. (For same mobile number, you cannot access two wallets.)
We will be creating PerksMe money powered by Citrus Wallet.

Merchants FAQ

General FAQs
PerksMe is a digital transformation of the rewards, allowances and the fringe benefits, which a corporate house provides to its employees in the form of vouchers, gift cards, or loyalty points.
PerksMe’s Mobile App and Online platform enables the employee of the company to search for products and services across categories. Results are showcased based on the catalogue offered by the associated merchants who are essentially the E-Commerce Portals and Consumer Internet Apps. During the process of selection, the employee gets routed on the merchant website where they can purchase and pay with PerksMe’s wallet-as-a-service ( powered by Citrus).
Services and products like Apparels, Home furnishings, Jewellery, Footwear, Luggage, Watches, Sports Equipment’s, Perfumes, Travel Bookings, Movie Tickets, Groceries, Electronics, Mobile & DTH Recharges; Bill Payment services On-Demand Cabs and Gifts are some of them.
It’s a very simple process where-in you just have to agree on the Terms & conditions.
Yes, there is a registration process which a merchant has to undergo. It is a very simple process through which merchant can become an integral part of this unique ecosystem.
Few details include:
  • 1. PAN Card.
  • 2. ID, Address proofs.
  • 3. VAT, CST Number
  • 4. Bank A/c details
No, to join as a merchant with PerksMe there is no sign-up or on-boarding fees.
With respect to the commercials involved, our earnings are based on the revenue which is mutually been discussed & agreed upon between PerksMe and merchant.Apart from this, there is no hidden commercials or cost involved.
Yes, you need to signup with Citrus as a Merchant to accept PerksMe money.
PerksMe will carry out the API integration with your online portal. Post this, the user will be able to see the option of “Pay with PerksMe” on your website and using that method, payments can be made.
PerksMe mobile app will complete this transaction by providing you the details of mobile number and OTP.
PerksMe platform is a very easy-to-use application. However, if you need some help on how to navigate through the application and upload deals and offers, we can provide the essential training for the same.
Yes. Users will be able to access the PerksMe platform on Mobile which are Android & iOS based.
Yes, anytime you can cancel your subscription with a written notification to PerksMe.
No. At this point in time, PerksMe allows transactions only within India.
PerksMe signs an agreement with Corporates during the on-boarding process. Similarly, it is made very clear to Corporate users that PerksMe is only an aggregator platform and all other terms and conditions will be that of merchants from where they can go and purchase.

News & Events

News & Events

With Dr. A Velumani, Chairman, Thyrocare at PerksMe Stall. Dr. Velumani said "Employees have options with other companies but entrepreneurs need a tool to retain employees. PerksMe will definitely facilitate this process for retention."
Dr. A Velumani, Chairman, Thyrocare said he was really facinated with the idea and signed up with PerksMe as a merchant and as a corporate.
Dr. Narayana Murthy addressing the gathering.
Mr. Gautam Ostwal(2nd from left), Ms. Zenia Tata(3rd from left), Ms. Tanvi Bhatt(4th from left) with the PerksMe team at TiECon Event at Hubli
PerksMe team relaxing after the event (L to R) Manoj, Bhagya, Ranjith, Atul
A view of PerksMe stall.
PerksMe team with Hon. Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr.Siddaramaiah at Invest-Karnataka event in Bangalore.
PerksMe Kiosk inside the presentation hall.
Details about IBM event Delhi
View of the presentation hall.
A view of the PerksMe stall before the inaguration
ISB&M event details at Pune
PerksMe Team at the NPC Event Bangalore

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